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New York City - May 2014

NYC_2014-05-30 16-54-34_P1090355.jpgOne WTC

A crazy trip in a "long weekend", with a special company : an ex army mate that I know since the year 1986.

NYC_2014-06-01 06-06-35_P1090634
NYC_2014-06-01 06-06-35_P1090634
NYC_2014-05-31 11-32-58_P1090552
NYC_2014-05-31 11-32-58_P1090552
NYC_2014-05-31 05-35-43_P1090421
NYC_2014-05-31 05-35-43_P1090421

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Summary of the vacation

30 May 2014 (Fri)Milan - New York City, Financial Center, Times Square
  • Ground Zero
  • Financial Center
  • Times Square
31 May 2014 (Sat)Fulton, B/M Bridges, Rockefeller Center
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Empire Fulton Ferry State Park
  • Manhattan Bridge
  • Chinatown
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Top Of The Rock
01 Jun 2014 (Sun)Fulton, Central Park, Liberty Island, Ellis Island
  • Fulton st
  • Central Park
  • Liberty Island
  • Ellis Island
02 Jun 2014 (Mon)Roosevelt Island, New Jersey, New York City - Milan
  • Roosevelt Island
  • Ground Zero
  • New Jersey

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