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My Vacations in the USA - Contents


1990 - The South West COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

USA 1990 Road Map

May 9th to May 26th 1990

My very first trip in the USA !

I started with a very typical trip in the West : from San Francisco then south, along the coast on the Scenic 1, stopping by at famous places like Monterey, and then a big O ring inland, through the deserts and parks, for then finishing the trip at Los Angeles.

It was the first of other trips to come, but for sure very special in its own way.

1992 - The North West COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

may 1st ?  
may 2nd ?  

1999 - New York City COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

New York City/ManhattanDec 7th 1999 to Dec 22nd 1999

Our first vacation where we stayed in an apartment in the Big Apple. Two full weeks where we went everywhere and enjoyed the lights and atmosphere of the city, decorated for the end of the millenium.

2002 - The South West to Denver COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

USA 2002 - The South West to DenverSep 20th 2002 to Oct 12th 2002

Starting the vacation in San Francisco, along the coast on the Scenic 1, then throught the deserts of the South West, the National Parks in the Utah.   Then north to Canyonlands, and along the Colorado river, to Denver. Then a final week in New York City.

2006 - New York City COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Dec 2nd to Dec 16th 2006

Back to the USA after a few years, and again visiting my favourite city in the world... But this vacation is special : we are travelling with my 3 years old daughter.

And everything went well, starting from the purchase of the stroller...

2007 - New York City COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Feb 14th 2007 to Feb 21st 2007

Exploiting a business travel to the Big Apple, I prolonged my stay for another few days, to enjoy the city for the first time completely alone. We would think "how can one be alone in New York" ? Because it's unnatural to think of being alone in such a crowded and lively place.

But the reality is different and in fact if you're alone in New York, you are really really alone...

2008 - The South West to Albuquerque COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Sep 21st 2008 to Oct 16th 2008

Starting from San Francisco, along the coast on the Scenic 1, then throught the deserts of the South West, the National Parks in the Utah.   To New Mexico through the Four Corners and then a final week in New York City.

2009 - Nothern Florida COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

March 18th 2009 to March 24th

A relaxed and beautiful trip in an area that I never explored and that I enjoyed. Also because I went there during the spring break...

Driving from Tampa to Panama City area, in the already hot sun of the Florida in March.

2009 - Panama City Beach, Florida COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

July 2nd 2009 to July 19th

Our first vacation together with American friends ! The American people are beautiful in many ways, and it's a privilege for us to spend a whole holiday together with a family of friends with kids.

Florida in July is hot and humid, to a level that is difficult to imagine... go there and try it yourself... The sea and the beaches at Panama City Beach are beautiful, although quite different from our beaches in Italy. The trip to PCB from Atlanta (where we'll be landing) is not a problem, and we planned to spend a night at Savannah on our return trip, but in the end we decided to stay with our friends and enjoy their company and the hot sun of Florida as much as possible.

2011 - New York City COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Jan 15th to Jan 23rd 2011

A break from work, with an important occasion : Prince in concert at the Madison Square Garden. With that, real estate itches, photography and loooong walks, a week just flies by in a wink.

2011 - New York City to Cape Cod COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Nov 19th to Dec 3rd 2011

The fantastic opportunity to enjoy Thanksgiving in the USA, visiting our beautiful friends in Connecticut and travelling further north, to Rhode Island and to Cape Cod, areas in New England that for sure we will visit again in the summer season...

2012 - New York City COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Nov 16th to Nov 25th 2012

Another break from work, but not planned to be spent walking for miles along the streets of the Big Apple.

After the rich but horribly tiring experience in Jan 2011, I decided to make a more extensive use of taxis, without going for long walks in the city and not returning to the same places more than once.

2013 - Usa West & East COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Jul 1st to Aug 7th 2013

A double vacation, in every sense...

The initial idea was to have just a trip in the west, like the previous ones we had in the past years, with the addition of one week in New York City, like usual.

Then we thought it was good to have a little trip in the east too, and we made a plan including two weeks of travelling along the east coast too, with a few days at a sea resort in Long Island.

And the final crazy plan included a stop over at Reykjavik in Iceland.

2014 - New York City COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

May 30th to Jun 2nd 2014

A crazy trip in a "long weekend", with a special company : an ex army mate that I know since the year 1986.

2015 - New York City COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

June 12th to 22nd 2015

With summer arriving, a trip to enjoy the Big Apple with warmer temperatures...

But this time planning to see several places that I never visited before.

2016 - Usa West, Hawaii & South COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Usa WestUsa SouthJun 26th to Jul 26th 2016

Another double vacation, or even a triple one.  A personal 50th birthday gift.


2017 - New York City COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Nov 18th to 29th 2017

A vacation focused equally on leisure and desire for a real estate investment!
For the first time the priority was to meet real estate brokers rather than organizing my trips around the city.


Jun 16th to Jul 14th 2018

To New Orleans... from above!
Starting from Canada, all the way down to New Orleans.

2020 - New York City COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Jan 24th to Feb 3rd 2020

Another vacation in the Big Apple, foucsed more and more on exploring the outer areas of New York City...

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