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Risotto (rice) with sausage and porcini mushrooms!  The final resultThe final resultThis article is all about how prepare my personal version of the risotto ai porcini.

There are different variations and different tricks, habits, tastes that brings to different results in the preparation of this recipe.   Some like the rice very rich, tasty, some others like it more delicate, etc.

"My" (mother's) version is quite tasty.  Originally she used to add a little bit of spicy stuff to the recipe, but I never asked what it was and I won't try to guess it now...


Thumbnail imageI like the rice very rich, therefore I add ingredients that are tasty.

what you need
Arborio rice
Dried Porcini mushrooms
1 clove

Olive oil

Red wine
1 glass
Broth cubes 2
Butter 2 spoons

How to make it

Put the mushrooms in a cup full of fresh water
Slice the onion
Put the butter with some olive oil in a medium size pot on the stove and let the butter melt
Add the sliced onion, the garlic and a broth cube in the pot and let the onion sweat for 10 mins, making sure it does not burn
While the pot is cooking, prepare the sausage
Slice it in pieces like cubes
Add the sausage to the pot and let it cook for 10 mins until the meat is light brown.  While it's cooking, add some red wine
Take the mushrooms from the cup, and put them in the pot.
Let the mushrooms cook a bit but make sure they do not burn
The rice needs to be toasted and then boiled, therefore, while you're enjoying the smell of the mushrooms on the stove, fill another small pot with water and make it boil
When the mushrooms are light brown, put the rice in the stove and let it toast together with the other ingredients
Stirr oftem to avoid burning it and add the rest of the red wine, 5 mins should be enough
Put the other broth cube in the boiling water and let it melt, then add it to the rice, covering it.  Save some broth for the rest of the cooking
As the broth dries up, add other broth that you saved from the other pot
Taste the rice to check if it is cooked enough.   If it is not cooked enough and you have finished the broth, quickly boil a little bit of water and add it to the rice
...until it's cooked.
Serve it with a sprinkle of parmigiano.  Some add a little piece of butter, but I don't

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